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Informazioni sulla riparazione per Google Pixel 4a. Rilasciato il 20 agosto 2020. Numero modello: GA02099-US.

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Swapping the microphone, without replacing the cracked screen.

Hello, i've got two pixel 4a phones, one with a broken microphone (outputs a loud cracking sound), and another with a scracked screen (a small crack along the bottom edge).

I would like to swap the microphone from the phone with the cracked screen, but i'm affraid that in doing so i would have to buy a new screen for the donor phone.

I don't need the screen replaced, as the phone isn't used daily, and it isn't worth the cost, but it would be nice if it wast still working after the fact.

If i were to open the phone with a cracked screen, would i be able to put it back together with the old screen still (mostly) intact?

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As @nicholas__kerns has already warned you about, removing the screen on a Pixel 4a is already a semi-risky proposition; I've heard many stories of people breaking screens that started out intact before they tried to remove them, so having a cracked one just magnifies the risk of opening it up.

But that part aside, what you want to do isn't going to work. The problem is, the lower microphone is soldered to the motherboard so there isn't a separate part you can take out and just swap over. Here's a picture showing the location of the microphone; it's right next to the charging port on the logic board, marked in red.

Block Image

Sorry, wish I had better news for you. If you feel you have the soldering skills to replace the microphone on the one that needs it, that's going to be your best option, assuming you can find the correct replacement part.

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When my customers come in needing a microphone replaced, for instance, and their screen is cracked I always warn them that it may crack more and need to be replaced after the repair. In your case, of course, the only person you have to worry about it yourself since it is your device. Having an already broken screen makes it a lot easier to break the screen even more (probably physics or something). But it is definitely possible to remove without causing any more damage to the broken screen. You may have to heat the device several times and have plenty of patience with it, but it is certainly doable. And even though it is cracked, it should be able to go right back on once the repair is complete. You will need to be extra cautious around the cracked area and make sure it is thoroughly heated to help with the removal. Even if it does crack more, most often it will still be functional as long as the digitizer and OLED aren't damaged. I hope this helped!

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