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Annunciato il 13 ottobre, l'iPhone 12 Mini è una versione più piccola dell'iPhone 12 di Apple. Si caratterizza per lo schermo OLED da 5,4", processore A14 bionic e per la doppia fotocamera posteriore

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Replacement screen uses more power?

I have this 12 mini iPhone that I crushed the screen on... So I bought a (cheap Chinese OLED) replacement screen and installed it myself, but it seems like my battery life is much worse now.

It is an OLED, but is it possible that the cheap OLED's are taking more battery power than the original screen? It's not really a battery "drain"... If I don't use the phone it's fine, but if I use the phone, the battery dies quicker than it had.

Thought that I might have overheated the battery while trying to remove the old screen, but it still shows 100% in settings. How accurate is that?

Also updated to iOS 16.0 around then, and maybe I am just using it more, but up until I broke the screen, I was majorly impressed with the battery life, now... not so much.

I'm sure there will be no definitive answer and anything is possible, but I was just curious if anyone else had a similar experience.

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I have heard that some has issues with iOS 16 battery life and that it changed the boot process to where third party displays can act funny or not at all.


@thequacker Thanks for your reply! The display still works fine, but there is a notification in settings about a non original display, so maybe Apple is punishing me for daring to tinker with their phone! LOL


Oh, and I just thought of something else... I turned Night Shift on 24/7 to adjust the temperature of the new screen (it was too blue) maybe that was adding a little extra processing? I will turn it off and see if that helps.


@smeeprom correction: Apple is punishing you for daring to tinker with YOUR phone.


@smeeprom I can confirm that there seems to be issues with (at least some) phones and iOS 16 vs battery life. I'm experiencing it somewhat on my 12 Pro Max as well. Draining much faster than it was with latest iOS 15.

My phone is bone stock, no repairs or upgrades done to it.


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Are you absolutely sure they sold you an OLED? You did say it was a cheap chinese display. Where did you buy it from? How much did you pay for it?

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I thought of that! I paid about $120 from eBay. But I took it in a dark room and opened a black screen and it sure appears to be OLED since I couldn't see the backlight like you can on an LCD.


@smeeprom ok so it does sound like you paid for a good screen. I'd maybe return that one and order a refurb from mobile sentrix. Or depending on where you live, you can order an OEM display from apple's self service repair website.


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The new screen was a bit bluer than the original, so I turned on Night Shift 24/7 so I could adjust the color temperature. That seems to have been the main problem! I turned Night Shift back off and battery life has noticeably improved. I still feel it is less than it had originally been, but I also upgraded to iOS 16 right at that time as well, and it seems likely that the new operating system is partly to blame.

The ironic part of it is, I tried to research whether or not Night Shift can affect battery life, and all I could come up with was articles claiming that it can IMPROVE battery life!!!! Maybe that is true on an LCD, but I think the only reason it would save battery is by dimming the screen a bit (I can do that myself, thanks). It seems to me that it was constantly monitoring ambient lighting and tweaking the screen to match and therefore using more processing power than normal (but I could be entirely wrong).

So, I believe it was three minor things that added up to a very noticeable battery usage change

  1. The aftermarket screen is very likely not as efficient as the factory screen.
  2. Night Shift seems to have been using more processing power.
  3. iOS 16 is slightly more power hungry

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