New TV as Screen, starts turning on/off after switching between..

I have used a LG tv as main screen for ages now, it started not wanting to turn on at all, so bought a new one (sort of sad, it was one that had 3d, which we have really used alot playing borderlands splitscreen, so that each player got a own huge screen, it used red/green channel for each player).

Now, I have two computers that I switch between, and a samsung soundbar between the computers and TV connection wise, all using HDMI.

Computer 1) which has a 3080, no issues ever here.

Computer 2) Which actually has a 1060 card, when switched back to, it sometimes causes the TV to start turning on/off, sometimes saying, "no signal". I remember having this issue at times with the old TV too, until I turned some setting off on the computer, something that had to do with HDMI, because it fails HDMI handshake with the TV/Soundbar. But, now I can't remember what it could have been. I think it is a setting for full colour or such, the 1060 can't really handle it properly, but I am looking at the Nvidia control panel and can't see it.

Can anyone have a clue about what I am talking about?

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