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Repair and additional information for the GE Profile Refrigerator PFE28RSH, a bottom-mounted freezer refrigerator with French Door access, introduced in 2014, and equipped with an automatic ice maker. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern PFE28RSH****.

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Why is everything freezing on the bottom half of the fridge?

So, I have had this fridge now for about a year but it was used. Suddenly the fridge temp was getting warmer and warmer so not knowing what it was, I changed the water filter since it hadn't been changed in at least a year but obviously that wasn't what was causing the temp change. So after looking online I figured out that it was the evap fan motor. I replaced it myself and put everything back together. Within a day it was cooled all the way down to recommended temps. 2 days later, everything from the bottom half of the fridge is frozen. Also, my water dispenser is not working. Ice had been coming out just fine from both Ice makers and now suddenly even the Ice makers are not working. I can't tell if this is all related or separate issues. I have found several people saying the water line may be frozen. Would that also cause the fridge to freeze up? I cannot afford for a repairman to come out and tell me something that I could potentially do myself. PLEASE HELP Model: PFE28RSHBSS

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we used a blow dryer to heat the water line on the back of the fridge, and the water dispenser line, as well as the inside of the fridge door that the ice maker is on, it seemed frozen in there too. And 30 minutes later, we have water dispensing!!

My main problem is still that the inside of the fridge is freezing everything at the bottom in all of the drawers. I spoke to @mayer and he said to cover up the damper so I used some tape lol. I covered 80% of it. We shall see if I did it right. I will update again tomorrow. Thank you so much!!


@notbroken ok thank you. I will look and see if two fans.


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If you have your owner's manual, review it or try online ; I don't know if there are two fans (one for freezer, one for fridge). Water lines are engineered carefully to avoid freezing issues. According to your update, freezing occurred to the water line suggesting a possibility of the defrost heater, if equipped, may be faulty or electronics isn't cycling the heater to keep freezer coils from building up frost blocking air flow. If one fan, check it for operation, holding the door closed switch if necessary while observing for fan operation after the door closed switch is pushed in to fool the electronics into resuming fan operation. You may have to leave the fridge door open for a few minutes as warm air enters for the fridge temperature sensor to detect warm air to trigger the fan. Under most circumstances, refrigerator repairs are not diy friendly unless familiarity of electronics, computerized system and/or refrigeration.

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Hi Brittany,

I've got the same type of fridge myself, and it looks like a lot of us have run into this same problem. Rather than repeat the whole post, here's a link to what I encountered and how I fixed it.

SOLVED: Top shelf not getting cold - Ge Profile refregerator - iFixit

This is a picture taken from the parts list for your specific fridge. I've marked the fan that failed on mine on the image.

Block Image

Hope this helps! Good luck with your repair; let us know how it goes.

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Thanks for calling me. Looks like your temporary fix has worked, but now you need to discover and correct the real cause. Here's a video to help you do that:

Here are the parts you may need:

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