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A mildly redesigned 300 was introduced in 2011 as a four-door notchback sedan, the five-door station wagon version of the 300 having been retired.

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Unwanted sound coming from the dashboard?

It has a wierd sound (tk tk tk…) coming from the driver side??It is not regular.Car does this occasionaly for a minute and then stops and then unexpectedly start dooing this again.Why is this happening ?

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I believe it is the blend door actuator. Because my brother is having the same problem in his 2013 300C. I sometimes hear the clicking when I start the car or sometimes before I even start it, and sometimes I hear it after I shut the car off. It is the sound of the plastic gear inside the actuator trying to turn but the teeth on the gear are probably worn out or broken. There are 2 blend door actuators on the driver side and 2 on the passenger side. The inner driver and passenger actuators; I believe you have to disassemble the dashboard to get to them but the outer driver and passenger actuators do not require the removal of the dashboard to replace them, but you will need to disassemble the lower trim and lower covers on the driver side and glove box and lower covers on the passenger side.

I hope everything goes smooth with your fix, good luck!

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Honestly there's a lot of reasons this could happen, It could be the alternator, low oil pressure, ignition system or an exhaust leak.

First thing I would do is get a scan tool and see if there are any error codes that come up on it. If there are, then that can lead you closer to a possible issue.

My one big question is when do you notice the ticking? Is it when you rev in neutral, low speeds, or when accelerating

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Expanding on @yukamoran's answer, we'll need more information to help you figure this out.

Is it coming from the inside or the outside of the car?

Is it associated with the car moving or does it happen when you're stopped as well?

Is there anything you do that changes the frequency of the sound; i.e., makes it go faster or slower? Like adjusting the speed of the fan or varying the RPMs of the engine?

When the sound is occurring, have you tried tracing down its source by ear? Is it louder in one part of the car vs. another? As in, the front seat vs. the rear seat.

Any further information you can give us will help.


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