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Informazioni su smontaggio e riparazione delle cuffie wireless AirPods Max con cancellazione attiva del rumore.

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Are earcups swappable/replaceable?

Given that the right earcup houses the main electronics and battery and it’s quite simple to remove the earcups with a SIM ejector tool, is it possible to take the left earcup to be paired with a different right earcup, or vice versa? What happens to the serial number?

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Eat cups are replaceable, but the left side cannot go on the right side and vice versa. You can buy them directly from Apple or on Amazon.

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I was talking about the aluminum earcup pieces. I suppose you understood what Apple calls "Ear Cushions". For anyone who's wondering about this, you CAN swap the earcups between different APMs, even different color ones, (you need L and R).

Context: I had a dead pair (R one has battery while the L has BT connections). The LED didn't light green when plugging them to power. This meant ONE of the earcups OR the headband was busted. I don't really know if there's a way to know which side it is without access to another pair of APMs and mix n' matching by disconnecting earcups with the SIM ejector tool.

Apparently, the R cup doesn't light up by itself if it's not connected to a L w/ headband. I took a risk and bought a used R from someone on eBay and was lucky that it was precisely the R side that broke, Maybe the known condensation issue or durability issues. But oh well, while this fixed my APMs which I absolutely loved, I haven't been able to use them as before because I'm scared that they may break again...


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