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How can I repair this fella?

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Hi folks! My boss was about to bin this Dell U2717D today, but I've brought it home instead.

I realise it'd need some manual repair (Dell don't offer monitor repair AFAIK, and their services are pretty pricey anyway), so I'd hugely appreciate any advice you might have on how to begin!

I'm happy with tinkering, but have mainly repaired laptops and desktops, never tried a monitor before.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Tom

Unfortunately this one might not be fixable as the display as physically cracked ;-{


You could replace the display by getting a donor one from places like eBay that is a good display with no cracks ,you could also find out what display it’s using and order one but this isn’t recommended as it will probably cost more that the whole thing new,here’s what I mean

You can get a old donor car that costs 200£$€

Your car needs a engine but on its own the engine costs 500£€$

The engine on its own costs more that the whole car used so it makes more sense to take it out of the whole thing rather than individually

Hopefully the car way of explaining makes sense;-)

You could try and adjust the resolution to change it so it’s only using the good part of the display but this will not use the whole display and might look strange

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Oof - that's a shame, but thank you for your advice!

Seems so much like it should be fixable, but you're right, the LCD is cracked, so I guess it's going in the electrical recycling!


@The Fatal Error

You could take it to the recycling or you could sell it on eBay

If you sell it on eBay,Someone could get the other working parts like the motherboard from it

Entirely up to you though:-)


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