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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Colored, varying lines along the screen. What do I need to replace?

See the following link for a picture of the problem.

The computer is Late 2008 15" MBP 2.4Ghz. I replaced the HDD numerous times and upgraded ram to 8GB.


  • Lines change color, disappear and reappear in random intervals.
  • Lines do not vary by tilting the display
  • External display works OK
  • Upon inspection, logic board connection of LVDS cable appears fine. No frays or indications of damage. However, I did not verify the LCD connection of the LVDS.


  • What are the chances of problem being resolved by an LVDS cable swap ?
  • It is my understanding that the problem is with the logic board of the LCD since sometimes the LCD would come back to normal. If LCD itself was damaged this wouldn't be possible. Is it possible to replace ONLY the logic board?
  • Basically, should I replace the LVDS, the LCD or the entire display assembly? And if I should replace the LCD how do I determine the backlight type ? (LED/CFL) ?

I know similar questions have been asked, but I couldn't find if anyone had success with LVDS swaps or if replacing the LCD is an option, hence the posting. The display assembly is too ^&&! expensive (~600) and new MBP are around the corner in Q2 2012. Awful timing.

Thank your for your time.

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+ VERY well written question. I wish they all were written so well. The backlight on this is LED. Does applying pressure at the top of the screen, front or back, seem to resolve the problem? What country are you in? Are there any local electronics/TV repair shops that work on LCD TVs locally?


-Applying pressure to the bottom middle of the back side of LCD in the form of a whack just FIXED the problem. I believe it will come back after I restart or in a short period tho. Thanks for that

-I am in Turkey, there are electronic repair shops around.


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If pressure on the front or the back of the screen resolves the problem - at least while the pressure is applied, you most likely have a TAB (Tape Automated Bonding) fault. The TAB connects the transparent electrode layers to the video driver board (Driver board to the glass with the Liquid Crystal Diodes.) of the LCD. If such is the case the LCD needs replaced.

If pressure does not make this go away, then the problem is most likely a column driver fault on the controller board attached to the LCD. Unusually bad transistor(s) and/or capacitors. The controller board can not be replaced without destroying the TAB. The board can be repaired by any electronics/TV repair shops that work on LCD TVs, for less than the price of replacing the LCD.

NOTE: If you have to replace the LCD on this I would advise going with one of the high definition screens available for this model. It will make the laptop worth more and give you a better picture.

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In response to your comment. I am referring to firm (not overly) steady pressure. Pressure in the form of a whack as you stated could very well indicate a bad solder joint on the column driver circuitry for that part of the LCD.


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