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device will not charge.

I have performed the reset I found on youtube, I bought a new charging cable. it still will not charge. it works while plugged in though. is there a way to have the battery replaced, or replace it myself?

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@metalgluer Yes, you can but it appears to be a PITA. I got these instructions from a comment to a video. Give it a try just work careful. Oh yeah, while you do this, take lots of pictures so you can create a guide . That way the next person will know exactly what needs to be done. "You remove 4 orange caps from bottom, then using some thin hard plastic prime it from corner under leather to pop lid off, then take very long screwdriver and continue on sides. there will be 7screws each side (3 very deep) , then take sides off. to take top lid remove thin plastic caps. use tiny knife or small needle. remove 3 screws. for back removal remove 4 screw form bottom, in middle there will be some hooks so you need to slightly twist leather part to undo them. rest is easy. just search for deep black screws,. AND BE CAREFULL WITH TOP LID AS THERE IS CONNECTOR TO POWER SUPPLY AND MORE. Cheers have fun. PS. for newer models You can simply upgrade by replaceing small SUN-INTE-265 battery with SUN-INTE-103 for double the capacity for 30$ just by removing bottom lid.

Here is the video that shows it after it is tore down. It'll give you an idea on how to get to it.

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3000mAh SUN-INTE-265 Battery Replacement for JBL PartyBox On-The-Go Speaker

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