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Ryobi Polesaw P4360 18v. Battery-operated pole saw to enable trimming in high areas.

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How do I know if my trigger switch is good or bad

How do I know if my trigger switch is good or bad

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Hi Reuben,

The best way to do it would be to use an ohmmeter or pretty much any kind of continuity tester. I have an automotive one that has a battery and a light bulb. You attach an alligator clip to one part you're testing and touch the pointy end to another and if the bulb lights up, you have continuity, which is what you're looking for here.

Start out by making sure it's not plugged in. It looks like there's about a dozen screws holding the handle together; once you take those out, the two halves should separate and you'll see the switch right behind the trigger. This should be what you're looking for.

Block Image

There should be two wires going in where the silver screws are; unscrew one of them and pull the wire out to test the switch. Connect your ohmmeter or continuity tester to the two screws. With the switch in its normal "off" position, you should read an open circuit on an ohmmeter (infinite resistance), or the light will be off on the continuity tester. When you press the trigger the continuity light should go on or the ohmmeter should read close to zero ohms resistance. Click it on and off a couple of times and confirm the ohm reading / test light operation.

If it doesn't work as described, replace the switch; they seem to be readily available. If everything checks out, replace the wire you removed earlier and check the wires for any breaks or damage.

Hope that helps!

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