Short in electric driver

Hello all! Got a funny one here.

So I ordered an Ifixit electric screwdriver, and after some deductive reasoning, I have come to believe that there is a short in it. The iFixit team was obviously kind enough to send me a replacement driver after receiving this faulty one, but I’m curious to see if I am able to fix or repair this one as well.

Pretty much, anytime I place fresh batteries into it, it will drain them in a short period of time, the driver will either work, not work, produce only light if I click on both buttons, work counter clockwise but not work clockwise, etc. Just curious if anyone has had any experience maybe disassembling this driver and if this is worth the time and energy seeing if it is repairable, or just give it in to recycle. Thanks for any feedback!

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any identifying marks on it. Not possible to tell you how to disassemble without a lot more information. Then you must at least post some good pictures of the insides. Is it worth the time. Worst case it is an education.


Nothing that is noticeable, shined a light down the barrel of where the batteries go, no seals of sorts that I can tell, maybe applying some heat to the casing mayyyyy have it slide off. I would like to see if anyone has had success with this first in any way before accidentally destroying it haha. If worse comes to worse, it becomes a little project and I will definitely post pictures!


If it were a short on the battery, nothing would work. Generally, these devices either have a few screws, usually at least one located under a label.

After removing them, or not, the parts snap together. That can be the hard part figuring out just where to pry it loose. Sometimes they are glued or ultrasonically welded, but that is generally left to battery assemblies. Those are usually impossible to open without breaking them.


Thank you for the insight!


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