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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Whirlpool Quiet Partner II insulated dishwasher.

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My dishwasher drains before wash and does not refill until rinse.

I have a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II (W10142800B). A week ago it started running dry through the wash cycle.

The dishwasher fills normally during the soak, sprays water fine during this cycle, the float switch works, then when it dispenses the cleaning solution it drains all of the water and runs the rest of the cycle dry.

I have already replaced the Circulation Motor, Drain Motor, and Inlet Valve switch with little change. There was some debris near the chopper screen and all of that was cleared out. Whoever originally installed the dishwasher used copper pipe to connect the inlet valve, and it had a kink in it. I replaced this with a flexible pipe, with no change.

If I manually fill it during the wash cycle, it runs fine until rinse where it will run dry. I can hear the drain motor running when it turns on, sometimes with a rattling noise (maybe the rubber drain valve?)

The only remaining parts to check would be a bad connection or capacitor, maybe the sensor.

I've looked all over the forums and found similar issues but not many with solutions.

What is should do on Normal is


What is is doing is

FILL- WASH - DETERGENET - DRAIN - WASH (dry) - DRAIN - Sometimes fill....

  1. Dishwasher fills initially
  2. Water sprays fine during cycle
  3. Inlet valve screen clean and new
  4. Chopper screen clean
  5. Drain hose is above the fill hose by 30 inches.
  6. Both motors replaced
  7. No damage to any parts of the motor
  8. no objects in the motors or drain area
  9. filters are clea
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Just a guess but either the mechanical relays and internal contacts and/or mechanical timer contacts are worn/pitted or an electronics board failed containing the programmed logic. Without wiring diagrams, guessing is easy. If there's a wiring diagram glued to an access panel or inserted into a plastic pouch, post it for follow up by anyone familiar with wiring diagrams.


After replacing most of it. I am confirm that something in the control board is causing the issue. With a replacement board the dishwasher runs fine but the replacement has other issues.

The issue that was happening was the bad control board was activating the drain pump often and for longer than normal. Didn't narrow it down to the triac or the controller, but the issue is with the control board.


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Unfortunately, most of what you have done would have little chance of causing this problem.

Water is input so it can't be the fill valve.

The water drains so it can't be the drain pump/motor.

One of the cycles pumps water to wash/rinse so it cant be the circulation motor or drain valve.

If it is being told to drain prematurely, it must be a problem with the control bd.

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