Fridge not cooling first now fridge not working

I have a GE MONOGRAM model ZFSB25DTG SS purchased in 2019.

We noticed the fridge was not cooling properly. The temperature was hovering around 40-41 even though it was set to 37. The freezer was cooling but not all the way to 0. We called a local appliance repair person and they replaced the temperature sensor and fan motor and defrosted it for $350. The next morning the freezer has melted and everything was warm. He came back out the next day and said the control board was the next step for $500. We ordered a control board online and replaced it ourselves after watching some you tube videos. It did not do anything different than what it was doing... Which is nothing

The light is on in the fridge and the evaporator fan is working when the door is shut.

We really don't want to pay a GE repairman 109$ for a service call and then parts and labor after diagnosis.

Any ideas what we could check?

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Review your owner's warranty. Most warranties are in two parts; electrical/electronics and sealed refrigeration system. Electrical/electronics tend to have a shorter warranty while the sealed refrigeration system is longer.


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