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Model M8541 / 5 or 10 GB hard drive / scroll wheel physically turns

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Headphone Jack Collar broken off, how to fix?

Hi! New here, and very new to repairing my own electronics, so please be patient with me! I have a first gen iPod, and it is in GREAT shape. It works! It charges, it plays my music, it even looks great. I've fallen back in love with it after over 20 years. It has exactly one flaw. The little white collar around the headphone jack has partially broken off. This means that if I'm not super careful with whatever I plug into it, it will be staticky or even turn the iPod off. I'm assuming that means something is exposed which shouldn't be. I've called every electronics repair in my city and no one still works on these. I was looking for a solution, even if it's just a way to carefully hold a cable in the port. I don't intend to carry it around, I'm planning to set up a cool little retro "stereo" with my modified Apple Pro speakers and my old iPod, so it will be still! As an alternative, if it's possible to output through the firewire port, that would be fine too. (I can route through an amp if that helps) Any ideas welcome! Thanks!

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@mld5141 I believe it was the 3rd Gen that allowed audio through USB/FireWire. You are a bit between a rock and a hard place. Now you could consider using a small rubber O-ring on the male connector so as to prevent the touching of the ground from the headphone jack to the male connector. Otherwise you are looking for somebody who could solder a replacement (not easy to come by either) to the logic board.

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Thank you so much for this idea! I actually have some liquid rubber coating for electrical wiring, which I carefully applied to some cheap headphones, let dry, and tested, and it’s like it never broke at all! The sound is great, and no shorting! I’ll be doing the same with the speaker cable. I never would have thought of this without your tip on the o-ring! Thank you again!!!


@mld5141 you are very welcome. Keep those old devices alive. Repair is War on Entropy :-))


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