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The Wacom Intuos Pro is a graphic design tablet designed by Wacom. The device comes with, a type-C charger, the Pro pen 2, and the Pen holder.

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Is there a really huge difference in quality between wacom and xppen?

I'm buying my very first tablet. I wanted to buy xppen deco pro M but it's out of stock. So i'm considering wacom intuos M (which is twice the price) bcos i want a tablet so badddd so quick. i'm just wondering if i should be just more patient and wait for deco (because: the price) or go with intuos, believing its quality will justify the price.

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shanghai this is not a question that we can objectively answer. It is always user preference and therefore always subjective. Here you can get advice and help about repairs etc. but not purchasing recommendations. Those will only invite spam etc.

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