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Repair guides and support for your Mitsubishi TV, no longer produced by Mitsubishi Electric.

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Where do I find firmware for my TV?

I just purchased a Mitsubishi WD-82738 82" DLP 3D TV and seems has never been updated once. I need a firmware update of 12.7 or higher to enable 3d enhancement features and 1.4a hdmi protocols so I can use it with modern 3d players like ps3 or 3d blu-ray players but Mitsubishi discontinued their sales and firmware downloads and I can't find it anywhere.. Help!

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Try contacting Mitsubishi's customer support. If that TV has an available update, it's possible that they will provide it.


Thanks Funk gave it a shot but they have no idea how to help. They have not had access to any firmware or support to their TV's for a decade, even the 4 TV Mitsubishi certified repair shop numbers they gave me were all disconnected.


Finding the firmware for your TV can be a useful task if you are experiencing issues with your TV's performance or if you want to update it with the latest features and fixes. Firmware is essentially the software that is embedded in your TV's hardware, and updating it can improve your TV's overall performance and stability.

It's important to ensure that you download the correct firmware for your TV model and that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully. Failure to do so can potentially damage your TV and void your warranty.


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You can try to find what you need by searching in the internet archive wayback machine, if you're lucky the download you need will be archived here's a link to get you in the ballpark:*/www.mi...

Adrian ok, I won't be lazy.. . But all you needed to do was search the archive until you found this link

Instructions. Are here

New operating instructions are here

I WAS too lazy to keep searching for a later upgrade, if any...

Anyone else with the same problem but different model

(WD-60738, WD-65738, WD-73738, WD-82738, WD-65838, WD-73838, WD-82838 only)

go here instead

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Juan, you are the Man! I was giving up hope and was going to spend $200 on a 3D converter kit. Now, a seemingly common issue as I see through old forms, why the TV won't read the USB drive lol


@Adrian Freelancer Awesome! You should link it here if possible. Thanks!


If it can't read your thumbdrive try an older, slower, smaller cheaper one, a geriatric tv needs a geriatric usb stick. Look in the manual to see what it can read.


Before you ask your manual is here

If you are feeling grateful send part of that $200 you saved to the internet archive or right to repair both of which were instrumentals in your salivation LOL.


I hate spell checkers!


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