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Lanciato il 3 marzo 2017, Nintendo Switch è un dispositivo palmare che può essere usato con la TV o in movimento.

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SD card isn't detected? (replaced)

Hi!! I used the guide here to replace my SD reader!!

(Sostituzione Lettore Schede Micro SD Nintendo Switch)

Before, there were just general errors with games not loading, CFW ran in 1-bit mode, etcetc.

I just replaced it, and it seems that the SD just isn't detected in general? Even if I boot into stock Horizon, normal stuff, it just doesn't load the SD at all.

The guide itself was extremely vague with...what to do for putting it in, basically?

Like, I tried to push it in a lil bit but it never really "connected", and I just figured that I'd leave it how it was? Like, maybe that's just how it works, you don't feel a connection between the two?

Was I supposed to just push it into the connector thingy itself?

Yeah, I replaced the black adhesive pad thingy.

(also it seems that one of my backplate screws got stripped lol, oh well~)

Either way, any help?? Attached are some things that may or may not help, sorry for the VERY blurry pictures...

Do you guys have any help, advice, correction for a VERY stupid error that I made?

thank you very much for your help

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Did you ever find a fix for this? I'm trying to repair a switch that's having a similar issue. It wasn't reading SD cards, but replacing the port didn't fix it. I've also tried doing a factory reset, but that didn't do anything either.


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It sounds like you don't have a good connection between the SD card reader and the motherboard. Carefully re-read the second bullet item on Step 10:

During reassembly, make sure the press connector underneath the foam pad is firmly connected to the motherboard. It may help to remove the foam pad before reinstalling the card reader.

I'd suggest taking your new SD reader back out and using a magnifying glass to examine the pins on the motherboard connector. If any are bent, you may be able to carefully straighten them with some fine tweezers or a sharp X-Acto knife. Once you're satisfied, set the SD reader back in place and gently press the connector down into its hole, wiggling it slightly as you do in order to get it aligned before giving it a firm press to seat it. Removing the foam pad as suggested will help you in being able to feel when the connector is lined up with its socket.

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