Non-responding L button after small fall?

Hello, first question and probably my only question.

It's been a couple months since this had happened. But since I use Luma (this is a homebrewed 2ds XL) and the hot keys for cheats are L+Down(D-pad)+Select, I caught on that my L bumper button was no longer working. My main culprit for this incident is a drop for about 1-2 feet that happened not too long ago. I am not sure if it hit the bumper, all I know is that it no longer works. I have been comparing the sounds and sensitivity from L button to R button. It seems it sort've has more of a pop when I press the L button than the R button, and it overall just has a lighter sound when pressed on regularly. I've tried a test on every other button and the rest seems to be fine. Would anyone just happen to have a diagnostic? I know that it could be a dirty button or a completely broken button or cable, as the bumper for the button is in pretty great shape; it does not have any cracks. I hope this is enough information for a diagnostic and/or solution. Thank you!

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