Lower screen is partially broken. How to go fixing it best?

I got this 2DS XL after my mom's work shut down and no one had claimed it from the Lost And Found.

It is in very good condition. But the bottom screen is partially broken. The farmost right side of the touchscreen does not respond correctly. It is like the screen got scrunched to the left. Anytime i touch something on the right side, the cursor goes an inch to the left instead. Calibrating doesn't help, since the callibration process only involved the left side of the touchscreen. It makes clicking some things extremely difficult.

It was never too much an issue. But I bought it a case, and want to repair this before i set it into the semi-permanent case and take it out and about. Is it an issue with the cable? Do i have to replace something entirely? Is it just cleaning? I'd like to know before i dedicate money to buying parts.

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