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Released in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 is a mid-range tablet designed to take after the Samsung Galaxy A series phones.

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Can the version of android be updated

Tablet is running version 5.1.1 - can it be upgraded?

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It can run up to Android 8.1

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Thanks guardian10.

I went to settings - about device - software update and it downloaded an update and installed it and optimized apps. But, when I look at about device it still shows version 5.1.1.

I restarted the tablet and it still shows version 5.1.1.

I tried software update again but it says it is up to date.

Any ideas?



@rick fredricksen That is very odd. I do not know anything beyond that. I have not worked on Android tablets before. I mostly work with Apple products. Are you sure it is a Galaxy Tab A6?


yes it is a Galaxy Tab A6


Try updating again, if that moves you up try again until it doesn't say an update is available. OTA updates tend to go a step at a time not all in one great leap... yes it s weird.


I have the same tablet; mine was updated a while ago to ANDROID 8.1.0

Jan Broenink


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The Samsumg Tab 6A has a small porblem If you have the SM-T280 it cannot be updated or even rooted. Check your model number.

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