Dell XPS 13 not turning on, black screen, LEDs blinking


 My Dell XPS 13 2016 (I think it's 9350, but it doesn't actually say that anywhere under the little hatch) shut itself down recently and would not turn back on. I opened it up, and noticed that the battery was very swollen. I tried powering it on with the battery unplugged, but it would not boot. I also tried replacing the battery with a replacement from ifixit, but it still would not boot. It is showing a black screen and the LEDs in the front and in the power button are blinking in unison about 1 second on and 6 seconds off.

I have read many threads of similar problems and contacted Dell support, but none of those helped.

Do I have a bad motherboard? Is there anything I can do? Thanks

Edit: I forgot to mention that I did try unplugging everything and holding the power button 30 seconds. I tried this with only the AC adapter (unplug main battery, unplug CMOS battery, hold power 30 seconds, plug in AC) and with reconnecting the main battery as well. I have also verified with a multimeter that the CMOS battery is not dead. I read just over 3V, which I think is good as it is labeled 3V.

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