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Repair information for the Mac Studio, Apple's compact desktop computer.

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Device orientation to improve wifi?

Wifi antenna are at the base of the unit. If sitting on its side or upside down the device’s wifi RSSI, Quality and TX Rate improve significantly. Noting the ventilation design, can the device be used in alternate orientations?

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First: are you having a problem with WiFi signal? I would start with your router rather than the Studio.

After reading your post I moved my Studio to a spot in the house that gets the worst signal (in a nook in the kitchen behind a concrette wall & the refrigerator) and was still able to get almost full-speed (Gigabit) downloads and uploads.

The concern with flipping the Studio IMHO would be cooling. That said, even under fairly heavy load (rendering 8 concurrent streams of 4K video) the top of the Studio gets warm. Not fry-an-egg-hot like the top of an i7 Mac Mini. But warm.

If I were planning to do this I would put something under it to keep it off the desktop so I wasn’t creating a hot spot where the device normally releases heat.

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Thanks, will keep in normal orientation. Cheers, M.


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I wouldn’t alter the orientation of system as Craig pointed out you can mess up the systems cooling.

But with that said the desk surface you have your system on would be a bigger concern. You want to make sure you are using a radio transparent desk Wood, Glass or Plastic Laminate. You don’t want anything with metal as that will block the signals.

I would get a good WiFi signal analyzer like WiFi Explorer from the App store so you can make sure you have both your system and your Internet AP within the best position to each other, or use an Ethernet wired connection as that offers better performance.

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The unit can be operated in any orientation. We mount them vertically all of the time,

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