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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 includes two model numbers, the SM-T590 (Wi-Fi), and the SM-T595 (LTE).

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Samsung tab A7 2020 will not power on, does not show charging

I changed out my charging port, put it back together and nothing. It will make a sound when I plug it in otherwise absolutely nada. I double checked all connections. I have tired holding the power button for as long as 1 to 2 minutes, same with power and volume down. I unplugged the battery for 10 minutes and removed the sd card. I have trickle charged it with my computer (does not show up, so its not on or has 0 battery) and travel charger. Nothing. I think the batter is at 0. I am on the verge of tossing it but I feel like it is something easy (plus it's only a year old) my next step is to try to jump start it with a 9 volt battery. Otherwise I am at a total loss. Help!

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@pittypat. your battery will not charge if it is below it's threshold of ~2.9V-3.0V. Of all the thing you have already tried, replace the battery. that way you have a Known-Well starting point. After that you will have to dig down deep

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Sounds like you likely have a defective charge port.

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I just put in a new port.


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