Mouse has stopped functioning altogether, only shows a solid red light

This mouse worked flawlessly for about 3 months when one day, I came home from work, and the mouse had a solid red light (not blinking) that only turns off when power is switched to “off." Red light is on when power is on and unplugged, likewise when plugged in, regardless of power switch position. The easy switch button does nothing, none of the 3 lights glow when button is pressed or held. PC no longer detects the mouse via BT or USB cable. Unifying receiver no longer detects the mouse, either, have tried multiple cables and multiple ports. And two different PCs.

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Ordering a replacement battery from Amazon. Will post update.


Replacement battery didn't change anything.


maybe the optical sensor is broken


mine started doing this after a "bath" in the dog water bowl, I left it out to dry over the summer and charged it, the mouse works fine it seems but the constant red light won't go away, I came to this site to see how to open it up and poke around


Tried reviewing sidebar questions for help?


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