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The Sony GTK-XB5 is a high powered home audio system with Bluetooth that was released in 2016. This audio system is available in black, red, and blue.

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does not have sound?

Block Image

.See attached image. I have the same issue and I believe the cause is this short on the motherboard where the solder has come off and is touching the other two solder points.

Update (01/20/2022)

Yes sorry same model number Panasonic max2000 it powers on fine. No power on at all.. Tried to reset. Still nothing. I did clean up those points to no avail. it was switched to 110v and powered on when it should have been on 240v.

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connor Hart it is possible. That cleans up relatively well with a soldering iron, flux and a desoldering wick. Looks like it is just used for a wire jumper. We would need to see what is on the other side,. also, let us know your Home Audio's exact model number. Since this was converted from an answer to its own question, the device may not be absolutely accurate.

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