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Apple Watch Series 2, annunciato il 7 settembre 2016 e lanciato sul mercato il 16 settembre 2016.

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Screen popped out of bezel

My watch screen has popped out of the bezel. This happened after a drop to the ground from about 3 feet. It landed on the corner (you can see the abrasion). I am not convinced the battery is swelling and needs replacing. The screen is still fully functional including force touch. My question is whether there is a simple way to adhere the screen back down without having to pop the bezel off as well. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I thought I had attached this picture. The videos I have seen for replacements show the the screen and bezel still attached to each other. You can see my bezel is still adhered to the rest of the case. [image|2561724]





My screen popped out too, but the watch does not appear to have any physical damage. How does one reseat the screen?


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What bezel? .

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can you see the photos? All I see is the photo name but no link to click on it.


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