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Processore quad core Intel Core i7 da 2,0. 2,3 o 2,6 GHz (fino a 3,8 GHz con Turbo boost) con 6 MB di cache L3 condivisa.

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Battery Is Not Charging with a New Battery Replacement

I spend 3 days reading about “Battery Is Not Charging”, I found similar posts but I want explain my issue because I found differences between mine and others.

I care a lot this Mac, no water spill, never hit the floor, no outer damage, looks like new outer and inside.


  • The original battery that comes with after 8 years starting to show the Service Battery Warning and start to down from 100% to 1%, slowly by 1%.
  • When hits 1%, mac start to run slow (yes I read everywhere that is normal, due the mac needs the battery working to run normally).
  • I open it and yes surprise! battery is inflated, very risky (fool me to not change it over all this years) also for that reason the trackpad feel hard to use.
  • Ok, time for buy a brand new battery.
  • I remove the old battery and replace with a brand new, SIMPLO brand (it seems is the same brand as the original).
  • New Battery start at 60% (I read is normal that new battery don't comes with the 100%).
  • Mac runs speed normally with the battery at 60%.
  • Service Battery Warning disappear but Battery Is Not Charging.
  • The new battery start to down from 60% 59% 58... (of course because is not charging).
  • New Battery goes to 1% and yes Mac runs slow again (normal behavior).
  • Conclusion: New Battery Not Charging

My Tests:

  • MacSafe Adapter, I test this 85W with a MacBook Pro 13 (need 65W) and an Air (need 45W) and works well, charge both machines. My question here, and adapter decrease the power charger for some reason and not charge the 85W but can charge the 65W and 45W? Maybe stupid question, due I think adapters works or not works but never charge less. Problem? I don't have other 85W adapter to test, but again!!! It seems is not the adapter the problem, due charge well the other 2 machines.
  • When I charge the affected Mac, green light start but some seconds later turns orange. So both lights works, I don't have any issue like many others that I read that one light not turn on or things like that.
  • I do a lot SMC and NVRAM with the machine power off, with the machine without battery, with battery, after many hours power off.
  • I try to battery drains to 0% to try to calibrate etc.
  • I clean the Magsafe connectors with alcohol, I don't see any corrosion, actually they look clean.
  • Mac Diagnostics show the battery not charge:
  • Battery on Coconut says that battery is fine but not charge.

Overall, what I can do more!!! Maybe is the MagSafe port damaged or the motherboard? I feel those two are not the problem, why:

When the original battery exist, yes says, service battery but! Sometimes down to and others up, until gone to 0%, so it seems the charge works on the old battery, but the old battery can live anymore due is 8 year old.

Maybe I run wrong the SMC? I even run the power button only without battery like this guy says: the problem is when I plug the MagSafe the computer start, on the video the guy computer don't start on.

I'm on Big Sur by the way, but was the same problem on Mojave, I silly upgrade trying that the upgrade fix something but no.

Any other test? I need recover this Mac until the new Mini M1 Pro or M2 comes out to retire this MacBook Pro, I'm sick of laptops!


Some pics based on the history:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (01/02/2022)

I can’t reply this as a comment due it seems I can’t add screenshots on the comments.


I don’t have Coconut screenshots with the old original battery, but I have some screenshot from the system info that I take when the old original battery was inside the machine (Cycle Count: 240 / Service Battery Warning / Battery Is Not Charging).

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


Screenshot the same day that I plug the new battery DIC 23, 2021, as you see the battery comes with around 60% of charge, later down to 59… etc. this is when goes to 46%, but I think this prove that new battery works (when is charged of course).

Block Image

Here the screenshots after your steps, Today JAN 2, 2022 some minutes ago (Cycle Count: 2 / NO Service Battery Warning / STILL Battery Is Not Charging).

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Same problem, still not charging, always at 1%,

note: by the way, I leave this unplugged for hours and never goes to 0%, always show 1%, I just say…

Even coconut battery is good but not charging.

I feel with your guide, you want reset the old battery to refresh the new one? is correct? well I think the machine read the new one? is refresh it?

Is a shame that I don’t have coconut screenshot of the old battery, because I see coconut show the manufacture and serial. I remember the old battery brand was SIMPLO (I think) and the new says SIMPLO too.

Also why the NEW battery has AGE 362 days, if it’s new? I just say…

Update (01/07/2022)

Update: I carried the computer to a local repair service, they replace the new battery with an used (just to try due at the moment they don't have batteries for my model) and voila! the thing works, normal speed again and the charge again!

So it's simple, it seems the problem is just the new battery, I mean I just need a good new-new battery, even when coconut says “good”, the new battery won’t charge.

I talk again with the store that sold me the new battery and they say that they can give me a new one on monday, so I'll go on monday to try a new one.

But! I just have two questions:

  1. I bet they give me a new one exactly like the current new, same model: A1494 / A1618

Block Image

the battery looks exactly like this:

I see there’s a empty space on the bottom.

even the ifix store, the 2013 cover that empty space:

Block Image

and the 2015 have the space:

Block Image

so my point is: Maybe they give a new battery that not fit for the 2013 model ??? So Amazon title is wrong too??? Maybe that battery with the empty space don’t work on my machine?

  1. and my last question, what’s the most trusted battery brand to get a good one? the ifix model?

if the re-replacement on monday don’t works so, maybe that model don’t works on my 2013, so I need to buy the ifix it or the suggested brand here.

Update (01/10/2022)

ok, I got a replacement of the new battery and this works! (at least for now and I touch wood! I hope last at least some months until the new mac mini comes out to buy it and retire this mac).

here’s the info of the new battery:

Block Image

Block Image

possibly a last question, I need re-calibrate it? of this way:

1. Fully charge the Mac (to 100%, green light)
2. Continue charge for 2 Hours (can use it during this time)
3. After 2 hours... unplug it, don't turn off, let it down to low battery warning, wait to goes to sleep, lastly turn it off.
4. Wait 5 hours (longer is fine).
5. Connect the power adapter and fully charge the Mac.
The battery is now fully calibrated!

that is recap of:

I’m on the step 2 right, due gladly goes to 100% and now I see the green light!

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Well these are two different batteries! I would go with the correct battery not one that implies it works across all of the systems from 2013 all the way Mid 2015. Note the bottom edge in the middle is different! the center cells are a different size.

15" MacBook Pro Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) replacement battery

Model # - A1494

Watt Hours - 95 Wh

Voltage - 11.26 V

Milliamp Hours - 8440 mAh

15" MacBook Pro Retina (Mid 2015) replacement battery

Model # - A1618

Watt Hours - 99 Wh

Voltage - 11.26 V

Milliamp Hours - 8800 mAh

So looking at the numbers one would assume the newer version battery is the same just a bit better having deeper storage 95 Vs 99. Sadly the chemistry is different between them. As such they need a bit of a different charge rate. So while it will work over time the battery can fail.


@Joe Perry - I hope you did a happy dance! Great news!

If you're set don't forget to score and accept the answer - Thanks!


@danj believe me I do! I'm so happy now, back to work.

thank you to you! for all you help!!!

possibly I'll buy another battery for backup, to have it on hand if this fail, but this time from

Sure, I'll go to accept the answer!!!

Again thank you!!!

Best Wishes.


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Don’t need any pics or vid at this point.

Unplug the battery following the guide, then with nothing connected press the power button holding it for a good 10 secs so we fully discharge the logic board, now plug in the MagSafe, turn on the system, it should start, shut it down and plug back in the battery, leave the system off, let it charge for the night (good 10 hrs). Then take a fresh snap of CoconutBattery.

Update (01/01/2022)

@Joe Perry - Well at this point we need to see what the old battery is telling us, As I’m starting to think the charging logic on the logic board is damaged. There are a pair of resistors which are use to compare the voltages which I’m suspecting are damaged.

Lets carefully unplug the new battery and carefully plug in your old just so we can get the MagSafe charger plugged in and get a CoconutBattery output after giving it a good 1/2 hour of charge.

If that is also showing no charge then that confirms the logic is damaged if on the other hand it is showing the battery is taking the charge then the battery micro-controller is messed up.

As far as the Age value its just the calculation of the days between when the battery was made and the day you snapped the pic. It has little bearing on what we are dealing with here.

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you give me hope! just some things:

a. which guide? this: Sostituzione batteria nel MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display versione fine 2013

I mean to disconnect the battery, I just need unplug it, is easy.

b. after plug the magsafe, two times in your guide, the system will turn on automatically, no problem? Actually I'm reading about that "issue" and I found this: `sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00` to avoid turn on automatically.

Recap of your guide in steps:

1. Unplug the battery: Sostituzione batteria nel MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display versione fine 2013

2. With nothing connected, press the power button for 10 seconds

3. Plug the MagSafe (the system turn on AUTOMATICALLY in this case)

4. The system show me the login screen, with sleep etc. I click on Shut Down.

5. The system is off, I plug back the battery.

6. Plug the MagSafe to charge for the night (good 10 hrs) (again this will AUTOMATICALLY start the system).

is ok, no problem with those "AutoStarts" ? specially the point. 6 due it seems you want charge it for 10 hours turn off (I think)?


Joe, number 3 of your summary is wrong, after you discharge the battery by pressing the power for 10 seconds, you must reconnect the battery BEFORE you plug the MagSafe back in to charge.



Discharge the battery? even @danj the first two steps are for discharge the logic board, not the battery.

Also even @danj after discharge the logic board (first two steps of my summary) this is next:

"now plug in the MagSafe, turn on the system, it should start, shut it down and plug back in the battery"

I clearly read: plug the MagSafe and Start the system, shut down and BEFORE reconnect the battery.

I mean your step it seems different than the @danj steps



@Joe Perry Sorry that was my error, I did mean say "discharge the Logic Board" but connecting the MagSafe first and turning on the system is sort of an irrelevant step. I guess it doesn't hurt to do, but I think you can just go right to plugging the battery back in and charging for the night.


@jfischthecat ok, I'm going to be more explicit on the steps, update the summary with your Short version to see if @danj agree, and sorry if I'm be too explicit but I need make this perfect:

1. With nothing connected, open the bottom (screws) of the computer and unplug the battery.

2. Press and holding the Power Button for 10 Seconds.

> We fully discharge the Logic Board

3. Plug back the battery and close the bottom (screws) of the computer.

4. With the top close! (to avoid turn it on automatically, I think...), Plug the MagSafe and charge it for 10 hours.

is ok?

note: on point 4. after those 10 hours I bet when I open the top I'll see the login screen, due this thing start automatically once I plug the magsafe, I hate that about Apple laptops on this days, what happen if I just want open the top to clean the screen without turn it on? etc. but that's another topic, I just feel to do this that automatically open affect this process.


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