AC Adapter Not Recognized - 45w adapter, refurbed. New battery.

Within the past week, whenever I start up my laptop, I’m receiving an ‘wattage of AC adapter not recognized’ message, and it no longer charges the battery. So far I’ve:

  • Replaced my charger with as new of a Dell model as I could find, multiple times.
  • Replaced the battery.
  • Replaced the DC Jack
  • Checked the Bios: Current version is A20.

And nothing has worked to get it to charge again. In the setup, the AC Adapter is reading as ‘Unknown’ and when I run onboard diagnostics tests I have the following results (along with it passing all tests, both quick and thorough):

  • Primary Battery Health: 96%
  • Primary Battery Current Flow: 0 mA
  • Primary Battery Charging State: Idle
  • AC Adapter: 1 watt

I also tested it with other chargers I have available, and the results are all the same. I’m not sure of what else to do at this point, as I’m unsure if trying yet another AC Adapter would do the trick (this will be my third), and I don’t want to replace the motherboard (which is what I’ve seen online as the last step) if I can help it, due to the costs. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it, and I’ll gladly provide any additional details.

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