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Troubleshooting and Repair for the 32" 1080P LG 32CS560 LCD TV.

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Back Light Failing - Comes On If I Push The Screen

When i turn the TV on the back light is flickering.

If i push the sides of the screen with my hands the back light comes back on fully as it should. Some times it takes a few pushes on diffrent parts of the screen to eventually get the back light to stay on.

Sounds like a loose connection? Any info on how i could fix this would be great!

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There are ways you can test your TVs backlights, and if needed have them replaced. I coulde’t find a specific tutorial for this specific TV, but I did find several different ways you can test and troubleshoot the issue TV backlights.

How to test your TVs backlights

How to replace the backlights

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Lawrence Hamilton start off by removing the back cover from your TV. Then take that interconnect wires off and make sure the contacts are clean, not corroded and not bend, Then reinsert them straight and ensure they are properly seated. That does include all LVDS cables. Since it comes on when you put pressure on the frame you probably will have to disassemble your TV and the panel. Remove the metal frame from the LCD panel like you would as you replace the LCD backlight strips. Check the connectors on the backlight strips as well as the wiring to it and the connections between those. You are bound to find something that is loose.

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