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Devices that create three-dimensional objects from digital files through additive processes using various materials such as plastic, metal or resin.

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cant print with 3D

Hi Please help my printer starts after heating but crosses the table infront while depositing plastic then goes to the middle but the nossele stays 10 mm above the glass and just extrudes from there

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What Shapes Cannot Be 3D Printed?

  • Shapes that have little contact with the bed, like spheres.
  • Models that have very fine, feather-like edges.
  • 3D prints with large overhangs or printing in mid-air.
  • Very large objects.
  • Shapes with thin walls.

If you didn't print out one of these it could be a problem with your 3D printer. Try a teardown to see if that helps.

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what 3D printer you have? If it starts 10mm off the build plate then there’s probably something wrong with your starting gcode. check your start gcode or check you limit switch which may prevent the nozzle from going further down if its not set correctly.

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