Pioneer DDJ-SR device not recognized

Hi Everyone,

I would start my post by explaining that my DDJ-SR was used only in home environment and wasn't exposed to any smoke, dust or whatever it may affect it, also it wasn't transported that much, just 2-3 times in an outdoor environments far from any liquids or whatever it may harm it, practically it's kept in pristine condition!!

Now what happened next was kinda weird, after some time (and I use the original USB cable provided with it 1.8m!) the DDJ started acting up and wasn't being recognized so I had to unplug the cable, plug it in different port (USB 3.0 and nothing else connected on the hub so it's not power issues!) and until one day I sat on my desktop and powered on the DDJ and I got the same issue, except this time it was it's last one and it never came back!! :(

I decided to open it up and have a visual inspection by myself as I do have some knowledge in electronics (not expert but I can do basic checks) probed in continuity mode to see if there's any short to ground but couldn't find any shorts so I ordered a new USB B female port and replaced that one (used hot air and wick being careful not to knock off any of the diodes nearby) thinking the connection might be bad and that would do the trick, but no luck. I measured all the voltages down the lines and everything is present, the DDJ lights up just fine but it's not being recognized which points me to a communication error!

Next thing I did was I ordered a new TUSB3200AC streaming chip without realizing that this would have to be re-flashed with the pioneer firmware for it! Of course using hot air I replaced the chip but that didn't helped obviously as it came with empty bootloader and firmware on it.

I soldered the old chip back and I realized I would need to ask for professional help finally lol (now I didn't do this because I thought it might be a simple fix, a blown diode/capacitor/resistor etc. but that wasn't the case. The guy in the shop I guess followed the troubleshooting block diagram provided in the DDJ-SR service manual and he spent more than 2 hours of troubleshooting (not sure what he did in those two hours) but when he returned the board back with an unsuccessful fix I saw that he removed the L13 choke (ACM2012) on the data lines before the TUSB3200AC

Block Image

and wired the traces directly, I guess to see if the coil was doing anything to it?? nonetheless he left it like that he didn't put back the choke so I have to order a new one, however in the SM it doesn't say what's the ohmage so I guess I will have to figure that one out or if someone has an idea please share.

I tried one more shop (official for my region that services Pioneer) and I explained what I did to which he said "well, don't bother bringing it to me since you got that far I can tell you over the phone that'd be a no fix and I would just charge you money for checking something you already done it yourself". I asked if he has a donor board but unfortunately he doesn't have one and that made me very sad! :(

I bought the controller year after it came out or something, I barely used it and now I need to throw it away or sell it for parts? I don't want to do that! - I mean even in the SM communication block diagram it doesn't even try to fix it thoroughly, bottom line is if X3 oscillator is fine it advises you to replace the motherboard, like really? "UCOM (IC20) is defective. Replace the I/O PCB Assy."

Block Image

A new motherboard costs ~$400 or something which is the cost of a new controller almost I mean come on guys. Why wouldn't Pioneer agree to send a flashed TUSB3200AC for certain amount of money for example, or a replacement microcontroller?? Why does it have to go to waste immediately? That's kinda sad guys, come on!

So said the above, what I would like to ask everyone is if someone is able to source an TUSB3200AC from a donor board I would be really grateful! I would pay you money for it up to certain amount of course and cover shipping from wherever you are :)

Please help me fix my DDJ-SR and I will forever remember your name :)

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be as clear as possible!


Kind Regards,


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