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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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Video does not work every time.

I recently got my old Nintendo 64 console working after years of sitting in the garage. I am able to boot up games and play them, but the problem is the games don’t boot up 100% of the time. I tend to have to power the console on and off several times and reseat the cartridge before the game finally boots up. I am thinking it could be two things, the power switch is dirty and when turned on it does not make a good enough connection or the cartridge connector is not making a proper connection. I’ve cleaned the console thoroughly yet still have issues booting up. If you have any ideas on what is going on they would be greatly appreciated. I have thought about replacing the AV cables but I don’t think that is the issue. I really think it’s a connection issue somewhere. PLEASE HELP!

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If I remember correctly the cartridge connectors were always a bit wonky. there used to be kits you could get to replace the original so it always got a good connection.

Repairing Nintendo 64 Cartridge Slot

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