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La versione 2016 del telefono economico Samsung Galaxy A3 (numero modello: A310F).

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Why does my phone say "moisture detected"when I plug my charger?

Details on bullet points because I will waffle I a para

•I have a charger that is a bit lose but works fine.

•Last night I kept my phone for charging but it would not charge,so I pressed harder which worked.

•Next morning I opened my phone's and it said it has to factory reset. I don't ha e much data on it so I allowed it .

•When I kept my phone for charge again,this time it said it has moisture in the cable or the port.

•What should I do to remove the moisture?Should I blow inside it?

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Btw I tested my charger on my friends phone and it works perfectly


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Sounds to me like the charge port may be bad, I've run into this issue several times and a charge port replacement always fixed the issue.

Phones can be weird especially since they have so much tech nowadays. Phones are most susceptible to moisture than anything else, taking it into the bathroom while you shower can cause moisture exposure or even damage. This may be what happened I'm not sure but the solution for sure would be to replace the charge port. Or replace the device.

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Thanks for taking your time to.answer this


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