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Guide di riparazione e informazione sullo smontaggio del MacBook Pro 16" rilasciato nel novembre 2019. Modello A2141, EMC 3347.

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Spacebar is stuck, pressed down

The space bar on my 2019 16 inch MacBook Pro wasn’t reacting. So I decided to remove the key cap to clean it and remove dust. But now both the space bar isn’t working and having placed it back it seems to be permanently pressed in. Is there something I’ve missed or done wrong?

On another note: the space bar functions when the ‘sensor’ is pressed, but not when the dome is on it

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@aromarood - I had the same issue and was able to resolve it myself after a wasted trip to the “genius” bar to be told by a moron that I could buy a wireless keyboard.

It is important that the space bar is both removed and replaced in the right manner to avoid breaking delicate plastic clips on the underside of the key and because one set of clips is designed to slide into the scissor mechanisms while the other side clips down vertically after you have engaged the other set of clips by sliding them in horizontally. It is much easier to demonstrate than to explain.

In my first attempt I forgot to remove the lengths of wire from the underside of the key before replacing the key. When you pry the key off they tend to stay with the key, but you must set them in their correct positions on the base plate before you press the key back on or the key will not spring up when depressed - which sounds like the situation you have.

In the image below you can see the wires still attached to the key. They are retained by small plastic clips. You can gently free them from the key using your fingernail.

To replace the key they need to be placed in the same orientation on the base plate with the short hooks under the metal hooks on the base plate at either end of the space bar recess. Be very careful not to bend or break the small metal hooks on the base plate or you will be up for a whole upper shell replacement.

Block Image

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Unable to tell if ive broken the little plastic hinges or not. I mean I probably have but cant tell without a reference. Basically the edges of my spacebar fold upwards slightly and are very loose. But the middle part of the spacebar is firmly fixed so to use it I need to jam down on the middle part. Pressing the edges wont activate the spacebar.


I had this the first time I tried to replace my spacebar. You may not have broken anything. But continuing to "jam down on the middle part" might.

I suggest removing the spacebar again carefully and ensuring that you have moved the metal wires from the spacebar to the recess as described above before gently reseating the spacebar.

Pay attention to which of the plastic clips on the underside of the spacebar slide under the hooks on the plastic spring hinges in the recess and which press into place. You don't want to force the wrong way but inserting the latter the correct way will still require a little pressure to clip them into place. Just go gently and stop if things seem to require too much force before you irreversibly damage something that can't be easily replaced.

In the picture above my space bar has been flipped over left to right. The plastic clips you can see near the upper edges of the spacebar need to slide under the similarly spaced metal hooks on the screen side of the white plastic hinges in the recess.


They slide in from the screen-side - so you need to have the edge of the space bar closest to the screen very low in the recess to get those plastic tabs under the hooks - start with the spacebar in the recess as close to the screen as possible with the near edge of the spacebar slightly higher as you pull toward you gently to engage the tabs under the hooks. Then gently press down the near edge of the space bar - press right above the white plastic hinges as that is where the tabs are.

If you don't have the metal wires in the recess before doing this the spacebar will seat correctly but will feel dead - ie it won't spring up when released. You need to reseat the metal wires as step one after you have cleaned out whatever made you remove the key in the first place.


@davewhitla I don't know if you'll see this as it's a very old thread but following your instructions hasn't worked for me... I got the wires down first, nothing seems to be obviously broken, and I placed the space bar down in the correct orientation but the spacebar still will not spring up. Am I screwed over with this? Oddly I can still use the spacebar, it reacts on all parts of it, it just will not spring up and nothing I've done to replace it has worked :(


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There is usually a metal bar that has to clip into a couple spots on the space bar. remove and reattach with that bar but on this there is 2 rubber “pushers on each side that probably moved. or is indented to much.

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This video shows the butterfly keyboard. The 16 inch MacBook Pro has the upgraded new magic keyboard. The two metal bars at the top and bottom are clicked in place. And click into the space bar. It feels like it’s missing something.

Does anyone now how many rubber domes the space bar comes equipped with?


it should only have one rubber dome to make the contact.


can you add a picture please than I should be able to help.


I haven't found a single video on youtube showing this keyboard model. @aromarood can you pls post photos of the spacebar region of the keyboard with the key removed?


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Could you add a picture of the underside of the spacebar and the area it is in the keyboard, also the hinges please,

You should have two hinges, a rubber cup on the keyboard, and 4 metal bars, if the hinges are not put together right, they will not lift the key, there are very fragile nibs on the hinges where the small piece fits into the larger one that can easy become bent or break off.

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