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Informazioni sulla riparazione e sullo smontaggio dell'Apple Watch SE di prima generazione, annunciato il 18 settembre 2020.

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Can you name this part..!

I was fixing my I watch had a dead battery and I accidentally ripped the side of this cable shown in the image looks like a ground.. after looking on Google and asking what the cable was or even know what it is? anyone on here help as I need it thanks

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@steveboy86 that is your display cable. Also referred to as the LCD Touch Screen Flex. Check places like this as well as other possible sellers

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System in Package (SIP) module with its ribbon cable unit which connects to the display assembly. Apple doesn’t offer the cables as a serviceable spare to their repair depots. The full SIP will need to be swapped out. If you can find a watch for parts you might be able transfer the cable unit but its not easy!

If you damaged the shielding part you might be OK. I use some conductive copper foil which I insulate on top to connect the two parts together after exposing some of the copper for the foil to connect to 3M RF EMI Copper Foil Shielding

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