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La stampante HP Officejet 4630 è un modello wireless tutto in uno a getto di inchiostro a colori.

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Paper tray NOT GRAB paper!

I have opened paper feeder all the way trying to force even one piece of paper to grab & it will not; or trying to see what is not grabbing the paper but nothing is broken. I haven’t used it in several months as I have been out of ink but that should have nothing to do with the paper feeder. What part do I need to replace if I can’t see any not functioning? Enlighten me, please.

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First thing to check is the paper weight - make sure it’s within spec. A lot of these low end printers have issues beyond 65lb letter and maybe light cardstock.

If the paper is within spec, look at the page count and roller condition. The reason you want to check both is the low end HP inkjets are sometimes prone to wearing out these rollers with what someone who isn’t aware of the issue would perceive as a low page count - I’ve seen some struggle with as few as 5-10k pages, and others work until the 25k+ range before it became an issue. These are nothing like the business class HP LaserJets (mono and CLJ) where for the right buyer, over 100k pages is nothing and easily fixed. For some models, it is especially true like the Pro 400 series and the well built JetIntelligence models. These well built printers can easily run 100k pages with such confidence I would be totally okay with overlooking that for the right price - especially with a pickup roller and separation pad replacement on the bypass and Tray 2*.
*Only really necessary to do without other issues if say, you were running heavy cardstock through the machine - think over 90lb.

On these inkjets it wouldn’t be so bad if you could just do the rollers, but the problem is these are integrated into the print mech so you end up having to throw the printer out since it’s almost always part of another component that cannot be purchased independently.

Try to clean the rollers with alcohol, and if that fails use some rubber rejuvenator and hope it lasts a reasonable amount of time. If it still has issues and you’ve tried those fixes, the printer is at the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

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Printers are designed not to work when one or more ink cartridges are empty.

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