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Devices that create three-dimensional objects from digital files through additive processes using various materials such as plastic, metal or resin.

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Why is my extruder nozzle not heating?

I have a MP Voxel 3D printer. After a ten hour print I switched to some small fifteen minute prints. After a couple of these, all of a sudden, I’m hearing these strange grinding noises. Turns out it was the feeder trying and failing to feed the filament because the extruder wasn’t melting the filament. I’d only taken a couple of minutes to remove the plate so I could remove the print. Everything else works, just not the extruder. What happened and how do I fix it?

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I don't know that much about this specific printer, what I do know on the other hand is what the three typical issues causing this problem are. This mechanism is almost the same for most printers of this type and the parts usually aren't hard to remove and are only mounted with one or a few visible screws.

Just in case double check what temperature is selected in the slicer settings, just in case something for wrong there.

The next thing you should try is to check all the cables, look for damages and make sure that the cables are fully connected to the hotend and motherboard side.

If none of that is the problem, there is most likely a problem with either the heater or the temperature sensor. Start with manually heating the hotend using the printer's interface, all printers I know show the temperature the printer thinks the hotend has. Using this, check if the temperature of the hotend changes to the selected temperature. If the shown temperature is lower than the one you have selected after some time, there is a problem with the heater. If the temperature shown is the same as the selected one, try extruding some more filament, if it won't extrude there is a problem with the temperature sensor.

If you can print normally for a short time and it then stops extruding after a short time, it may be caused by either a clogged nozzle or by the heater not being fully screwed in place.

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Could be that the filament is brittle or it’s a temperature thing , or your nozzle is clogged and you probably need to fix that

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