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An SSD, or Solid State Drive, is a type of storage device that uses NAND-based flash memory to store data.

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Are the BarraCuda 510 SSDs reliable? (250GB)

After the Samsung controller scandal and a need for a new SSD, I am looking at other options besides WD/SanDisk (WD switched controllers and picks from SanDisk, so I put both there), Samsung and Adata at this point and I have noticed Seagate has a SSD that is pretty appealing, especially if I can get it at the right price. In this case, I am looking at the 250GB Barracuda 510.

Has anyone worked with these, and are they a good buy? I’m pretty skeptical of Seagate products due to the 7.01/7200.11, .12 (and continued engineering failures), as well as the locked diag port hard drives but after this it may be a descent option.

I’m not hard on SSDs, but I do run them into the TB range sooner then most normal users, as I cannot stand phones for everything. I have put 2.6TBW on SSDs within 7 months before, just to give an idea why I’m a bit more particular about quality:

Block Image

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At this point due to chip shortages and the failures of acknowledgment of a change of the chip/s from the initial release to the negative in performance I would hold off buying anything!

If performance is not on your list (having the fastest) then I wouldn’t be so adverse from buying what you’ve been buying. SSD wear for most is not an issue. So even if the NAND is switched out for a different unit the likelihood of you wearing it out is not likely within the systems life span!

To put this into perspective I’m hard on my MacPro when I’m working on it. Even with all of the writes the boot drive has gotten it still has more life in it than what I would have expected in any HDD. My data drives just don’t get the same wear but I need (desire) fast drives so when I’m working I can follow through with the creative spark that’s in my head before I loose it. I don’t want to waste time sitting waiting!

A few months ago I bought 4 x 2TB Samsung SSD’s making sure they where the older version. Just so I don’t need to deal with the rev issue they had.

With that said… I don’t think most people would be bothered its the PRO market that will have issues.

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I don't want a slow SSD, but I'm also more worried about lifetime>speed because while it's great that a drive is fast that means nothing if it's dead in a month.

I usually buy Intel or WD/SanDisk.


@nick - Sadly without any external markings of any sort you just don't know what you'll get.

If you can wait I would! It will likely be a good six months for things to start to get better.


@danj I have a Intel 7600p Pro (used pull, 2TB TBW so far) I put the Win11 beta on to test it on a beater 6th gen. If I had to pull it, I'd put it in a high spec system. At this point, I'm just trying to avoid pulling drives from other systems if I can avoid it.

@danj It's for my i7 8650U Lat 7490 I scored cheap since it needed an SSD and battery, but had the best CPU. See here. It's not like I need to finish this right now, but I'd kind of like to use my laptop as soon as I can since it has the i7/16GB/FHD IPS setup.


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