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The Razer Blade Stealth is a gaming laptop with a 13.3 inch wide screen. The laptop features 16 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7 CPU. It comes in Space Grey and Mercury White.

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New battery only works while plugged in

I just replaced my battery in my razer blade stealth and it works fine while plugged in but says charging and stuck at 97% and when I unplug it it turns off immediately and won't turn on while unplugged. The battery is brand new. The old one was fairly bloated.

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does the laptop power on without a battery?


@logixal yea it will power on without the battery connected


Exact same problem!


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@riveteer I am certain you double-checked your work and made sure that your connectors are all properly seated and that there are no issues like bend pins etc. with those. I would contact the seller and replace the battery once more just to rule it out as the culprit.

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Yea thanks. I did look around more today and was looking at the connector for the original battery and the one I bought from ifixit had a poor connector. I bought another and plan on returning the one I got. Thanks


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