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L'iPhone da battaglia per il 2020 di Apple è stato rilasciato il 23 ottobre; ha schermo OLED da 6,1", sistema di fotocamere doppio da 12 MP ed è disponibile in cinque colori. È il successore dell'iPhone 11.

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iPhone 12 battery replacement

hi, if i replace my iphone 12 battery with ifixit battery, does the battery health show up or not?

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No, if you replace the battery in an iPhone 12, battery health will stop working.

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i do not know 100% but knowing how APPLE is with their proprietary parts its kind of a gamble to expect that. ESPECIALLY Considering even OEM parts from THEM! dont work how theyre supposed to. IE the truetone feature when replacing with an OEM screen.

i hope this helps

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It will not show but you can just Use 3utools to check your health with a computer. Why in the heck would you change the battery such a new phone

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Battery health will not show, and you'll get a message showing that it can't confirm you have a genuine battery.

However, some places, (not many) will be able to spot weld the flex from your original battery to the replacement. Then reset the charge count.

Being so new, if there are problems with the battery, Apple should replace under a warranty seems most of the 12 range will still be under warranty.

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I have done it on XR, you can do it at home with spot welder. just buy battery cell for your iphone (without the flex and with more metal space to weld on). there are many tutorials on internet. after spot welding you have to reset the cycle count by icopy device.

My brand of the spot welder and icopy device is QianLi - you can buy it on aliexpress as well as me, its a little bit cheaper


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