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PS4 Slim only turns on after a few days

So I have a very weird problem with a PS4 Slim that I bought recently. The console does not power on when I push the power button, no reaction also when pressing the Eject Button or when connecting the Controller. There is no Beeping and also no other reaction.

The weird thing is, sometimes when I leave it alone plugged in for days and try again the console will start up normally after pressing the power button and work flawlessly. But if I turn it off again the same Problem starts again and the console will not power on at all again.

I thought maybe the power supply is the problem, so I ordered a new one, replaced it, and tried to power the console on and nothing happened again, I was pretty frustrated so I left the console plugged in, with also a controller plugged into the USB (Controller was empty at the time) I left it for a few days and did pay it no mind at all only to discover today that the console had powered itself on somehow. The controller has also been charged up completely. So I tried my luck again, powered it off, and tried to power it on again....and nothing, same as before. Honestly, I have never encountered this specific problem so I don't even know what exactly to check here. I haven't found anything similar online as well so I am out of ideas, anybody here that has seen something similar like that and might know what is causing this ?

tl;dr: Ps4 Slim won't power on (no sound, no light), randomly after a few days it does power on once and works completely fine until the console is powered off by me than the console does not power on again anymore. Power Supply has already been replaced, the same problem.

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Happens with a lot of electronics that I’ve dealt with, as far as I’m aware, you’ll need to open it up and replace the largest capacitors you can find nearest to the power jack on the console.

Just look on the side of the capacitor, read what the number is, then look for replacements on ebay. Might find a pack of 5 for $10 or so.

Edit: Noticed in a teardown video there’s barely any capacitors inside that’d do what I’m thinking and all of it must be governed by the external brick (which you’ve replaced) however there is a Cmos battery. Maybe replace that, could help.

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Hey, thanks for the quick reply! Yeah most of the capacitors are inside the power supply, which I changed already. But there has been no difference in behavior. But I will definitely try the Cmos battery, would be awesome if that would actually fix it


@Danilo T. Hello, did replacing the CMOS battery help fix the issue?


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