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A small, cost-effective netbook meant for portability and reliability. The Gateway LT2514u was released in 2010 with the Windows XP operating system.

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The screen is not coming on. All the lights on the keyboard work

My screen isn’t turning on. Suggestions?

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What have you tried? For a start, does the fan start up or the hard disk light flash? Looking hard at the screen, is there a just-discenable image? If so, it'll be the backlight that's gone. On a device of that age it'll probably be a compact flourescent tube which may have failed. You might be able to get a replacement. Looking carefully at thescreen as you turn it on, is there any sign of life from the backlight?


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Chili Dawg connect an external monitor and see if that displays properly . If so you know it is your display. Of course you can also try to see if your backlight has failed. In a darkened room and your computer up and running (started) shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen. See if you can make out shapes or silhouettes. If so, you know it is your backlights. This is a LED backlit display so potentially you could replace the backlight strips or replace which would be an easier repair. Let us know what you find out.

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