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Tv turns on then off two seconds later?


I have a Samsung UE49NU7100k TV that repeatedly turns on and off the moment it has power. I have tried a few trouble shooting solutions found here and have also changed bother the logic and power supply boards within the TV and still the problem persist.

I have found out that the tv will power on and stay on if I disconnect either one of the white ribbon cables as pictured, it does not matter which cable I disconnect, as long as one of them is disconnect it will stay on.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this as I’m starting to think this is a panel issue as I said above I have changed both the power supply board and logic board for known good ones…

Block Image

Thanks in advance


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@eazy_pc_repairs those ribbon cables go the LCD driver board which essentially are part of the panel. Since your TV starts up once you disconnect them it stand to reason that it is those that cause your TV to turn off. Schematics for driver boards are incredibly hard to find so the only thing you can do is to do a vusual inspection and check for damaged components. There should be test points on those boards etc. But without schematics etc., we would not even know what to test for. It might help to post some good pictures of the boards

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