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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Water damaged logic board unrepairable

Hi there.. My bottle accidentally leaked on my bag and damaged my macbook pro mid 2012..

The accident happened on 2019.. But my macbook just turned off last month..

I bring it to closest unofficial apple repair store..

And they said they have to change the logic board.. And i take it back..

My question is,

My macbook pro logic board is like new like no water damaged..

Before my logic board coloured green bcos of water at several part.. (Pict 1 / i took from other people's, since i dont take mine)

Block Image

But now.. looks good but still wont turned on.. (Pict 2)

Block Image

Q: is it possible for someone to clean up like this? Im afraid they replaced my part with another's..

Thank u everyone

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@ryant_1605 I totally agree with @imicrosoldering on this one but it's easy to validate. check the serial number on the picture of the corroded board against the one that is clean now. If it is the same number you know its the same board.


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I don’t think they would have replaced anything. They would have put it in an ultrasonic cleaner and then tested it on their bench. Not all water damaged devices can be fixed.

Did they tell you why it couldn’t be fixed?

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