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The 2nd Gen Huawei Watch is an Android smartwatch released in 2017, also known as Huawei Watch 2 Classic LEO-BX9. Model number: Leo-B19.

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What size are the Huawei Watch 2 case screws

The instructions say that they are T2 with a length of 4.5 mm. What diameter and pitch are the screws (not the head/bit size). Where can replacement screws with these dimensions be found for purchase. Thanks.

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You might try a method I found to work sometimes, writing a nice (honest) letter to their customer support telling them how much you enjoy their product but sadly you are missing said screws. With a bit of luck you will get a thank you in reply along with a new set of screws in the mail. Depends on the manufacturer of course, but some companies value the positive customer relations over any “effort” that might take.

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