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Samsung UE43KU6400 verticals lines

Is this indicative of needing a new main board (assuming the t-con is part of this too)?

suddenly occurred this evening after hanging on the wall for 4 years!

have reseated all the cables, nothing obvious

any advice welcome.


Block Image

Block Image

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Thank you. Have ordered a new main board to see what happens!


Quick update.

Replaced the main board which initially improved things. However, whenever I turn the tv on now the vertical lines return for a bi, then after about 2 mins, the screen returns to normal. Happens every time I turn it off and on.


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You have 2 boards and the problem can be in either or the panel. That should make you happy.

One board is strictly a power board, the other has everything else.

If voltages are marked on the PSU verify they are all in spec. If not you have 2 choices. However, if neither fixes it, it is probably the panel, and it my not be economical to replace that.

Try searching some Samsung forums.

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