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The LaCrosse debuted in late 2004 as a 2005 model, replacing the Century and Regal.

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Car used to start. now it doesnt

so my 2006 buick lacrosse cxl was starting then it wouldnt i then untighten the 2 bolts on the clamp that holds the cables to the positive side of the battery made sure they were under more and tighten it back and it started again. I drove about 150 miles after then my car wouldnt start again. my lights radio and all that would come on but it would just rapid click when i would turn the key over tried the cables on the positive side of the battery again and wouldnt start still. over the days it would start losing lights. like first the dash tthen the next day the radio and then the only thing that was on was the red blinking light aboce the radio and finally that went. I tried jumping it and it gave power back to the dash the radio etc. but wouldnt turn over or even make a click or anything sound. a few days later i tried the jump again and now its getting no power from the jump to anything i read about how it could be fuses a relay some ignition module thing or something and a couple other things Im so lost i dont know cars really so i neeed help

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Ok couple things here. Take your battery to be tested. If it is on then have them charge it. Put it back in the car. See if it will start after putting a charged battery. If it does, then with the engine running disconnect the battery. If it dies you need a new alternator. Which would keep the battery from charging. Either way you need a battery that can hold a charge.

Go into your fuse blocks and check your fuses one by one. Takes some time but will tell you if a fuse is the problem. Start there n we can go further if needed. You'll especially need to check the larger fuses. Those are the ones that let the vehicle start.

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Battery connections do corrode and cause a high resistance connection that will allow lights to work, but cause the lights to severely dim when trying to start and cause the starter function to just cause clicking. You need to clean them with some vinegar, then water, then apply a thin coat of grease and reconnect.

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Check fuses and relays first as jumping it should bypass the battery even if its shot and start the car or crank it over, there’s two fuse boxes one in the engine bay and one on the passenger side of the dash, if you open the door there will be a small handle to pry the plastic trim away and its behind there.

Another thing to consider is if the battery was discharged to a low amount of power usually if it drops below 10v it can damage them and they won’t hold charge very well even if you re-charge them again or try every trick in the book so get the battery tested as this may be making the problem more complicated than it is now or may well continue to do so, there’s usually a date stamped on the battery to indicate when it will most likely need a service or recharge in a sense) Normally if the battery is damaged one of the signs is slight corrosion on the terminals.

If you battery is healthy and the fuses and relays are all okay then If you want to continue to try and fix the issue yourself I would also buy a multimeter (there cheap to buy and useful for auto and home electric testing) and watch a couple of youtube videos on how to use one, some simple functions are easy to use on them. Ideally if you can get the car to start the multimeter will be more help so if you are able to get hold of a new battery or borrow one of someone that is in good working order and the same power as yours swap it over and see if it will start straight away. If the new battery will start the engine no problem I would do a couple of checks with the multimeter (watch a couple of videos for each task to make sure you select the correct dial on the tool)

Whilst the car is running check the alternator is charging the battery, if it is charging the battery it should read between 13.8-14.2v usually.

whilst the car is off check for a parasitic drain, this is when a current in the circuit which should stop when you turn the car off doesn’t and slowly drains the battery, on newer cars its a bit harder to check as parts on the car sometimes stay on for up to half an hour after you turn it off so this ones a bit trickier.

If both or one of these tests indicates an issue then you can try to pinpoint the fault from there or get an auto electrician to take a look as sometimes it can take a long time to find the issue if you haven’t done it before.

All this will depend on if the car is mechanically in good working order too as parts there could cause this issue too like the starter motor, alternator or anything faulty that would require the car to draw more power to keep the engine running.

sorry for the long answer but there can be quite a few things that will cause it and I hope some of this helps, if you don’t know much about cars and do need anymore help then just post any issues you have trying to find the problem along the way.

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