Vcc_Main shorting to ground pls help


Can anyone please help me with fixing an s7 edge.

First the Vcc_bat and vcc_main were shorting bit after I removed the big cap under the battery connector, the short on the battery connector was gone. But the Short on Vcc_Main is still shorting.

One day the phone was charging over night, in the morning the blue notification light was blinking and the phone wont turn on. After a couple hours the notification light shows nothing and the phone was dead.

Things I've tried:

I tried to remove the display ic but short is still there so i soldered it back on.

I replaced the U7000 and reflowed the other three ic's on this side.

I removed the cap under the battery port.

I tried the ice spray trick but it seems that nothing is getting hot.

I reflowed the ics on the back. (U7011, U8008, U7009)

After I removed the max77854 PM ic on the back, the short was gone so I ordered a new one, soldered it on but the short went back. I thought maybe the chop is bad so I ordered another 2. But same problem with them.

Update (06/09/2021)

Update: After reflowing the Max77854 chip, the short on vcc Main is gone. When i put the Battery back on and try to charge the phone, the PMIC S535 is getting extremle hot. The Cpu also is getting hot but not as the PMIC.

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