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Released in 2018, the 6th generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of Lenovo's popular performance business laptops. Model number: 20QD000BUS

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Replacement battery doesn't work

I purchased a replacement battery for my 6th gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon. The old battery’s life was down to only lasting about an hour and would shut off without giving me any warning. Swapping the battery was easy, but the new one didn’t work at all. The laptop complained that there was a battery problem and it refused to charge. I tried removing and reseating it, upgrading drivers, etc. Nothing helped. I’m back to the old battery now. Is there anything else I can try before I return the battery? Could it just be this replacement that is bad and I should get another one, or is there some reason why no replacement battery will work?

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For anyone who finds this in the future, I was able to solve my problem. I ordered a new battery from another source that worked. I noticed that my battery was 11.52V and the one iFixit sent me was 11.58V. I saw a mix of both voltages when searching for this replacement online. I selected my exact model number when I ordered it, but it seems like maybe there are some differences the model number doesn’t account for or that this site is unaware of. I notice that everywhere it says X1 Carbon gen 5/6. Perhaps they are grouped together because they have the same physical form-factor but don’t use the same voltage? It would have been nice if iFixit sold both or at least warned you to check that this matched before ordering the replacement.

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Well funny enough I placed an order and I got the 11.52V variant where my laptop originally had an 11.58V battery.

I did email ifixit for their input

but I'm curious to know if the 11.52V would work on my laptop (originally 11.58V battery). I did not open the new replacement battery packaging as I thought it would be better to get an opinion from the ifixit team first.


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Hi @sparkyb,

Was the battery OEM?

Not sure but I think that Lenovo needs to have OEM batteries installed as non-OEM batteries may be rejected by the system.

If your replacement battery is not OEM then here’s the compatible OEM battery part numbers for the model. Click on Select Commodity > Rechargeable Batteries and Internals (3).

Search online using the part number only to get results for suppliers of the part.

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Only really prevalent on external pack systems due to it being a money grab from the time that didn't work (easily patched by FW modifying the clone pack, or TP*). I suspect internal only is less particlar.

*Except HSW with a external pack :(. Boot Guard (which also prevents one from modifying the HSW Dells to kill ME and Computrace, if that's your thing). It also killed CoreBoot after Ivy Bridge outright unless it was left off (most OEMs enable it).

HSW=Haswell if you don't already know.


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Contact the supplier and see if you can get a replacement, if that still fails ask for your money back and get it from a different retailer. If this still fails you may have a unlikely issue with the battery circuit

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