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Repair guides and disassembly information for Microsoft's third-gen Surface Laptop, released in October of 2019.

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Ribbon cable disconnected from keyboard

When replacing my ssd I accidentally pulled the keyboard and the ribbon cable that connects with the motherboard disconnected (on the keyboard side). My question is - is there an easy way to connect it back? I probably will need to unscrew the metal plate covering the connection… but for now I dont have T3 screwdriver.

Block Image

Update (05/28/2021)

Well I will get my hands on a right screwdriver on monday. I searched a bit and this seems to be the connector under the sheild.

Block Image

Block Image

The left part and right part seems to be taken already by two other cables, thats why I am not sure yet how to connect it... will have to try it out later when i get the screwdriver, i guess.

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Hi as i see there is no connector visible so i guess its hidden under the shield so maybe you can take off the metal shield and see what’s going on.

Maybe you can look here at 0:50 to get an idea of where the wire is connected. (indeed its under the shield)

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Yes, well i will get my screwdriver on monday and see then. Also I searched a bit online and found a connector that seems to connect with the cable. Its in my update.


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